Thursday, 13 June 2013

Make Use of the Cleansers

As the title above says, you should make use of the cleansers. Cleansers in this context mean foods and drinks which help eliminate wastes and toxins from the body. Natural foods are preferred here over proprietary products in order to detoxify the body.  Foods high in fibre are especially useful in excreting antigens from the body. The blood, liver, lungs, kidneys, arteries, intestines and urinary tract all need to be kept clean and clear of any substances interfering with their proper functions.

The following 14 foods can help to clear the body of toxic substances for the reasons stated:
1.     Garlic:  cleans the lungs and intestines; has a diuretic effect; and tones the heart and digestive organs.
2.      Onions:  facilitate expectoration; are a powerful natural antibiotic; and decongest respiratory passages.
3.      Apples:  are rich in pectin which helps remove radioactive residues from the body; help eliminate toxic build-up; and clean the intestines.
4.      Cabbage: cleanses the digestive tract; neutralises some of the damaging compounds found in cigarette smoke; and strengthens the liver’s ability to detoxify the body.
5.      Avocados: open blood vessels; block toxicity affecting the arteries; and help the liver detoxify the blood.
6.     Lemons: lemon juice kills harmful bacteria; is useful for combating liver attacks and angina; and aids digestion.
7.     Watercress: the antioxidant levels in it help prevent cancer of various body organs; gives relief from respiratory problems like bronchitis; and can help with liver or kidney fatigue.
8.     Grapefruit:  the pectin in it cleanses the blood; helps to excrete heavy metals from the body; it also contains antiviral compounds which destroys harmful viruses in the body. 
9.      Kale: the cleansing attributes of kale are very similar to those of cabbage as stated above.
10.   Seaweed: binds to radioactive waste and heavy metals and helps to escort them from the body.
11. Celery:  is an excellent blood cleanser and contain many anti-cancer compounds that help detoxify the body. 
12. Cranberries:  cleanse the body of bacteria and viruses that may be lingering in the urinal tract.
13. Blueberries: counteract harmful bacteria and toxins in the body.
14.  Walnuts:  contain high amounts of the amino acid arginine, glutathione and omega 3 fatty acids which help detoxify and cleanse the liver.
It is best to eat all fruit and vegetables raw as cooking destroys a lot of their nutritive value. If you cook a vegetable like cabbage by boiling it in water, then make sure, in addition to eating the cooked cabbage, you drink the juice resulting as it contains lots of nutrients displaced from the cabbage by the act of cooking.
The following three drinks help to cleanse the body of wastes and toxins:
·        Water:  drinking 4-6 glasses of water daily cleanses the whole system and flushes out any antigens from the body.
·         Green Tea: has plenty of antioxidants known as catechin, a compound which assists liver function.
·        Dandelion Tea: has properties which aids the cleansing of the liver and kidneys, and it also reduces water retention.
·        Lemon and Ginger Tea: aids digestion and increases blood flow.
Al the above can either be used individually or in combination to detoxify the body. Keeping the vital organs clean and clear of anything that interferes with their efficiency are measures which help prevent diseases and health problems generally.
If you know of a cleanser not mentioned in the above list, let me know of it via the comments box below.