About Me

 After I left secondary school, I moved to London and studied surveying at a technical college there. Following that, I worked in the construction industry in various places for more than 30 years as a quantity surveyor. The job was demanding and required a lot of travelling.
In 2003, on a routine check-up with my doctor, I was diagnosed as having diabetes type 2 following various tests on me that he did. This came as a complete surprise to me as I didn’t know that I was at risk or had it. A few months after the diagnosis, the condition started to affect my eyesight. After some consultations with my employer over the course of a few weeks, I decided to give up my job and instead concentrate on looking after my condition.
When my doctor mentioned prescription drugs or insulin shots as a means of treating my diabetes, I was confused. So I started to read books, visit websites and forums on the subject to get all the information that I could on how type 2 diabetes could be treated differently to what was suggested. I found that drugs for type 2 diabetes did not work; and that insulin was a dangerous substance to start injecting for lots of reasons.
I found some blogs and websites where the owners claimed to have either halted, or cured themselves completely, of type 2 diabetes by concentrating on such things as diet, exercise and food supplements. The conclusions that I reached from the research that I did confirmed that this was a viable way to proceed without the need for prescribed drugs or insulin shots.
I therefore arrived at my own daily diet sheet, which outlined what foods and drinks  were good for my condition and which to avoid. I also worked out a daily exercise routine to be kept to in order to ensure that my blood sugar levels moved on an even keel. I also did research on and found out which specialist foods and supplements were critical for the diabetic and acquired these.
One of my conclusions about type 2 diabetes was that is arises, like lots of other health problems, from the body being too acidic. My research on type 2 diabetes and the conclusions reached by me have to a certain extent had a bearing on my opinions, evident from my posts on this blog, as to how certain ailments should be treated where over-acidity is the root cause of the problem.  
Since implementing the changes that I made to my life in response to diabetes, my blood sugar levels have moved within an acceptable range and my eyesight has improved to such an extent that I now make my living by part-time trading on online markets from my computer, and by publishing articles and e- books on mainly health subjects.