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I originally intended to set up a separate blog for this subject, but in my attempts to do this, I got messages from Google each time saying the title that I had entered was “ unavailable “. Consequently, I have now decided to add a page to my health blog giving just a summary of my position on the Bible. 

I was brought up in the beliefs of the Catholic Church, but have not been a practicing Catholic for decades. The reason for this is that I have no confidence in their teachings. When I was a young boy aged about nine, I remembering questioning in my own mind the Catholic teaching on there being a literal placed called hell, where people were said to be punished in the afterlife for their sins. Had I asked my parents about the church’s teaching on hell, they probably would have replied that the Pope was “infallible” when ruling on such subjects. 

Over the past five years or so, I have done a lot of research on the true meaning of the Bible relating to many subjects, and have come to the following conclusion: the main Christian churches misrepresent the Bible. They misrepresent it over major issues such as: the doctrine of the trinity; man has an immortal soul; there is a literal place called hell; there is immediate judgement on death; and salvation entails getting to heaven. 

Some minor Christian churches, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, have tried to get to the true meaning of the Bible by examining all scripture anew, and have come up with vastly different teachings on some important subjects than the Catholic Church or the major Protestant churches. Whilst I differ from the Jehovah’s Witnesses on certain things, I admire their efforts in trying to get to the true meaning of the Bible. 

Most of my searches for the truth from the Bible, involved me searching online for information from sources that I trusted. Then one day, I stumbled upon a website that mostly matches the conclusions that I had arrived at from my own efforts, on some of the major issues that I examined. The website in question is run by the Christadelphians and can be accessed here: Another site run by them is here: . Their articles and videos are very good and contradict what the main Christian churches have taught for years on some subjects.  

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  1. I see that pope Benedict XVI has today announced that he wil resign his post as head of the Roman Cathhlic Church with effect from the end of the month. Catholics worldwide can expect another dictator to replace him as soon as the cardinals can get together in Rome.I see nothing but decline for this false Christian church, as predicted in the Bible, as its teachings cotradict Holy Scripture.

  2. If the Catholic Church’s claim to St. Peter is correct, then it has good connections in heaven. Those connections, it should be noted, didn’t do anything to help Pope Benedict XVI in his old age. Speaking as someone who is sceptical about the Church’s claim to Peter, here are ten reasons why God wouldn’t intervene to help a church leader who contradicts His word:
    1. The false doctrine of the trinity.
    2. The teaching of the pagan idea that man has an immortal soul.
    3. The false teaching that there is a literal place called hell where souls are punished in the afterlife.
    4. The teaching that there is a place called purgatory.
    5. The teaching that there is immediate judgement on death.
    6. The teaching that salvation entails getting to heaven.
    7. The granting of indulgences.
    8. The veneration of Mary and the saints.
    9. The imposition of the unnatural state of celibacy on the clergy.
    10. The failure to proclaim the “good news“ in the form of the coming Kingdom of God on earth, which was Jesus Christ’s main message in the New Testament.
    The above list isn’t exhaustive, but it demonstrates how the Catholic Church contradicts the Bible. I am therefore not surprised that God didn’t intervene to help an ailing pope !

  3. I see the Catholic Church has decided on a new leader in the form of Pope Frances I. From a profile of him that I saw on the BBC, he appears to be a humble man with a concern for the poor. Whilst these attributes are admirable, he has been elected to lead a Christian church which through it teachings and practices contradict the Bible. Despite the attendance of tens of thousands of indoctrinated people daily in St Peter’s Square during the conclave called to elect him, I see nothing but decline for this false Christian church.

  4. One of the greatest misrepresentations taught by some Christian churches is that you have an immortal soul. The whole idea that part of you on death leaves the body and goes somewhere is pagan in concept and has nothing to do with Christianity at all. I recently came across the following article published by The Good News which adequately explains why this pagan idea got taught. Go to the following website to access it:

  5. One new very useful website that I found recently explaining the true meaning of the Bible belongs to the Christadelphians. You can access it here:

  6. Another useful website run by the Christadelphians revealing the true meaning of the Bible
    can be found here:

  7. The Vatican have floated the idea that people who follow Pope Francis on Twitter could possibly be granted indulgences. This idea marries their counterfeit Christianity with a 21st century media outlet in order to maintain market share.

  8. This one video by the Christadelphians, lasting about an hour, demonstrates conclusively why Christianity as taught by the main Christian churches is corrupted.The link to it is here:

  9. You have published some very good information on the Bible which differs a lot from what I was taught at school.