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When I gave up working in the construction industry back in 2003, I took up trading on financial markets on a part-time basis as a means of making a living. At one stage, the son of a friend was interested in joining me in trading; the idea was that we would trade together. So I set him a test before going into an intended partnership with him, to see that he had enough overall knowledge for trading. The test was on the subjects of english, mathematics, computers and geography. He got 35 out of the 40 questions asked correct, or in percentage terms 87.5%, which is a good score. He never actually joined me in trading as he got a position with a legal firm instead.   
The other day I saw the quiz sheet that I concocted on my hard drive and immediately had this idea of putting it on a page on my website for my visitors to have a go at if they felt that way inclined. There are 40 questions overall; 10 on each of the subjects that I mentioned above. The quiz was meant to be taken without the use of a dictionary, calculator, computer or map. It should take about an hour to complete.
If you want to have a go at it, let me know in the comments box how you got on. The best of luck. 
1. What does the word integral mean?
2. What does the word liaise mean?
3. What does the word prerequisite mean?
4. What do the words per capita mean?
5. Provide a substitute word or words for transgressed.
6. Provide a substitute word for obligation.
7. Provide a substitute word or words for decommission.  
8. Identify any prefix.
9. Identify any suffix.
10What figure of speech is the word peaceful?
11 What is 3% of 250?
12 What is 25% of 380?
13 What is the square root of 121?
14 What is the cube root of 216?
15 What does the following equal: 7(5+3 -2)?
16 What does the following equal: 1.3546--0.0076?
17 What does the following equal: 580/4?
18 What is the result of the following: --235+ 310--35?
19.What is the average value of the following series of numbers: 6, 7, 9, 8, 11, 13, 16? 
20.What is the next number in the series: 256,64, 16?
21. What are the two main components of a computer called?
22. Name three web browsers.
23.Name three operating systems.
24.Name two companies selling desktops & laptops internationally.
25. What does the letters URL stand for?
26.Which is the greater a megabyte or a gigabyte?
27. Which part of a computer determines the speed?
28. If you downloaded a file from the internet that you will be using very frequently, where is the most logical place to put it?
29.If you found on the internet a useful website that you might need to return to at some future date, how would you record it’s location?
30. What is the job title of someone who can create instructions for a computer to work to via a set of code?
31.What is the largest country in the world in terms of area?
32 Which country in the world has the biggest population?
33. What is the current population of the world to the nearest billion?
34. What country in the world has the largest economy?
35 What important international meridian runs through a suburb of London known as Greenwich?
36. Assuming London is the centre of the world, arrange the following places in the order east to west: Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo.  
37. Making the same assumption, do the same for these North American cities: Vancouver, New York, Chicago.
38.Name both the capital of Germany and the biggest financial centre in the country.
39.Name both the capital and the biggest financial centre in Switzerland. 
40.What rate determines how valuable one country’s currency is in terms of another's?


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