Friday, 20 April 2012

How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer

The numbers confirm that conventional medicine has a high failure rate in treating cancer patients with any of the methods which it usually employs, which are drugs, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. In some circumstances when a patient is diagnosed as having cancer, a death sentence is passed, which is usually expressed in months to live, putting the patient concerned  into an emotional state in addition to having to confront the disease.
Whilst the various medical establishments haven’t come to conclusions about the causes of cancer, there is enough known about the influences common to cancer patients to identify the culprits, and take the appropriate evasive actions if necessary. It is much better to take sensible preventative measures than to risk getting the disease, and consequently put yourself at the mercy of what man has devised by way of treatments for it.
The following have shown themselves to be the main reasons why people get cancer in the first instance: smoking and exposure to smoke; poor diet involving sugar-laden products; environmental issues; stress; unsafe exposure to the sun; lack of exercise. This being so, I have devised a nine point plan of preventative measures that can greatly lessen your chances of getting the disease, as follows.
Steps to take to reduce the risk of cancer:
      1.  Avoid smoking and exposure to other people’s smoke.
2.  Eats lots of fruit and vegetables: at least 6 or more portions daily.
3.  Limit your intake of red meat and animal fat; eat more fish and poultry instead.
4. Avoid any product where sugar is added, and especially carbonated soft drinks that contain sugar substitutes; drink more water.
5.  Limit your daily intake of alcohol to two units daily
6.  Safely expose yourself to the sun for 10-15 minutes daily if you are of white Caucasian origin, or 100-150 minutes daily if of black African origin. Use a sunscreen for any further daily exposure to the sun than this.
7.  Engage in regular exercise like walking or jogging for 40 or more minutes daily
8.  Try and avoid stress at home or at your place of work; take steps to resolve disputes rather than leave them lingering.
9.  Avoid, if possible, exposure to chemicals, toxic sprays or contact with high power lines at your place of work.

In addition to the above, it is prudent for women to have themselves screened for breast cancer regularly; and for men to have their prostate checked on visits to their doctor.

I am of the opinion that adhering to the preventative measures outlined above can reduce your chance of getting any form of cancer by more than 65%. 


  1. I have been following 6 of the 9 steps. I will definitely be making sure I do the rest.

    These are useful advice Kieran. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment Freddie.