Thursday, 5 April 2012

Water Is Essential to Health

The water that you drink is very important as far as your health is concerned. Traditionally water has been credited with having the following positive effects on health: transporting food to different parts of the body; assimilating food; eliminating waste through sweat and urine; building cells; and regulating body temperature. 
However, a leading expert in using water for health problems, Dr Batmanghelidj, states that in addition to the above stated benefits, many common ailments and “diseases” can be cured by water because they are actually caused by dehydration in the first instance. In an interview that he gave to Mike Adams of Natural News, Dr B. outlined examples of health problems that he cured using water. The main points of the interview are summarised in the following paragraphs.  
DR.B. discovered the healing power of water purely by accident. He had a patient who was doubled up in terrible abdominal pain from a stomach ulcer, and could barely move. As he had nothing else to give him at that time, he gave  him two glasses of water. The patient’s pain subsided after just three minutes; and on giving him further water, the pain completely went after about eight minutes. Dr B. then advised his patient to drink two glasses of water every three hours as a preventative measure, which he did without any recurrence of the pain. He then cured thousands of his patients with stomach ulcers in the same way with a positive outcome each time.
Following this, Dr B decided to study the healing power of water in detail, and experimented with some patients where he suspected that  dehydration was a problem. He came to some unique conclusions about the healing power of water, which challenges conventional medicine in the treatment of certain health problems.
He discovered that soft drinks (sodas), tea, coffee and alcohol act so differently in the body in comparison to water that it is possible to become dehydrated while taking them. He found that allergies, hypertension, diabetes and asthma are all related to the amount of free water in the body. Moreover, he claims that millions of American children could be instantly cured of their asthma simply by switching from drinking soft drinks (sodas) to water.  
Dr B. further states that thirst perception is not a reliable indicator of whether or not you need water, especially as you get older. Consequently, he recommends that everybody makes a conscious effort to drink six or more glasses of water per day as a preventative measure against health problems. One check you can easily do to see if your body is deficient in water is watch the colour of your urine: to see that it runs colourless (h'asnt got an yellow in it) at least once on a daily basis.

In the interview generally, he was critical of conventional medicine’s approach in using drugs to treat health problems to the exclusion of anything else; and advanced the view that the sole motive of the pharmaceuticals is profit.
The above is just a very brief summary of what he said in the interview. If you want to access the full account of what was said, which I thoroughly recommend that you do, go to the following link:


  1. Very useful information Kieran. Water definitely is essential to our daily lives. I make it a habit to have a bottled/glass of water on my desk whether in the office or at home.
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  2. well written, very interesting almost shocking, actually

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  4. Hello Kieran, it's good post for health, i always drink some glass water before sleeping, and it's refresh me after wake up...

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  5. This post is really helpful. I use to not drink much water but knowing the benefit that water gives to our body, i made the commitment to do so. I feel a lot better, plus no more unexplained headaches.

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